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Silver Jewelry Storage Tips


Jewelry Storage

To properly care for any kind of jewelry it is important to have a way to safely store it. With most jewelry having a safe place, like a jewelry box it can rest when not being worn is the best way to store it. With silver you can keep it in a jewelry box, but keeping it in a way that it doesn’t touch other pieces of silver is best to slow tarnishing. Silver is also best not kept in open air. Since the air can also cause silver to tarnish faster.

Silver does best when you wear it often. As your body oils are beneficial to it. I don’t mean wear it to bed or anything that could be more harmful to the durability of your jewelry. But making sure that you get to enjoy its beauty will help it stay pretty and shiny.

There are also anti-tarnish strips that you can purchase, check Amazon for them. We even use these too in the store.

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