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The 10 Largest Diamonds Ever Discovered

Diamonds are forever…
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend… 

Whatever cliche you want to use, the fact is the world loves diamonds. This incredibly hard and beautiful sparkling precious stone has been a coveted item for centuries. An estimated $13 billion worth of rough diamonds are taken out of the ground each year. With the majority weighing just a few carats (1 carat = 0.007055 oz). But every now and again, a monster diamond is found, big enough to amaze the exhausted miners who find it. And when eventually cut into a polished gemstone, these are incredible enough to impress even the wealthiest of the world’s royalty.

This list of the 10 largest uncut rough diamonds will no doubt evolve in coming years. Ten million people worldwide work in this industry with an estimated value of $72 billion a year. As recently as 2013 two huge rough diamonds were found at the Karowe mine in Botswana, Southern Africa, both coming in at over 200 carats each (1.4 oz). And yet neither of these diamonds makes the top 20, never mind the top 10.

Some of these diamonds have become very famous, with fascinating histories behind them. The diamonds in the top two positions on the list are very different, but are so massive that the chances of finding their equals are small. That is, unless NASA ever decides to take a mining crew to the prosaically-named planet PSR J1719-1438 b, which has a mass greater than the sun. It is believed to be composed mostly of crystalline carbon – better known as diamond! Fortunately for diamond mining companies worried about space gems, this diamond planet is about 3,900 light years away!

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