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Traditional and Modern Wedding bands

Traditional vs. Modern Wedding bands. Decisions, Decisions

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A circle is looked at as the symbol of eternity, having no beginning or end, so to give a woman a ring signifies never-ending and immortal love.  As technology advanced so did the use of different metals. Wedding bands have been worn for thousands of years.  Rings were originally made of sedges, rushes and reeds.  These rings did not last long.  Over time they become made of leather, bone and ivory to help with durability and beauty.  The Romans came along and used iron called “Anulus Pronubus.”

Today traditional rings are made of precious metals like yellow and white Gold and Platinum. From new technology comes new modern material that can be stronger and more durable then the traditional metals.  A few of these new Performance Materials are titanium, stainless steel, and meteorite.  A big reason they have gained popularity is there affordability.  But unlike traditional metals the modern materials can NOT be sized.  If you need a new size you will have to buy a new ring.  They also can not be modified in any way and usually cannot be polished.

Traditional metals can be sized up and down. You can also have them built back up when they become heavily worn. You are also able to modify them to change its look.  They also retain their value and have mostly become more valuable. Due to the rarity and availability of the precious metal.  The US currently averages 17 tons of gold every year to make wedding rings.

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