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Is Custom Jewelry Really More Expensive?

Diny’s Custom Jewelry is priced comparable to fine quality mass produced pieces, and you get exactly what you want! If you can dream it we can make it.

Our buying directly from the source saves you money and you get a better piece of fine jewelry. Pricing is based on design complexity, difficulty, metal and gemstones. Many custom shops are expensive, but we produce top quality Original Designs for less than most stores sell mass produced pieces.

At Diny’s we make that ring for you, to your style and taste. It will never have been worn by anyone else before. Also, keep in mind, there are no giant factories making the highest quality jewelry like we create. So with Diny’s Custom Jewelry you are getting our highest quality guarantee.

The best work is done in small shops, usually with no more than 20 artisans. Often far smaller and even well known designers usually have their pieces made in modest size shops. So we are actually fairly large and efficient compared to our peers.

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