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The Custom Ring

My story about the New Ring…..

After a 25 year marriage, and a divorce, my wedding rings still meant a lot to me, as I had a family and raised children, and the memories were still very happy and good to me and the ring did not make me feel like I had any bad feelings toward the diamonds that were in the ring, so I wanted to have the stones reset.  Along with a diamond from a ring given to me from my grandparents when I was 16 years old, and the ring no longer was a style that I would wear, each and every time I saw the ring in my jewelry box I felt guilty that I wasn’t wearing the ring and enjoying it.

I took all the gold from the wedding rings, two rings from my previous marriage, two bracelets that I knew had value, but I never wore, I sold the scrap gold and put it all into this new ring I call the Freedom ring.  I know the ring is one I will wear each and every day, as it is full of sentiment, and memories of the last 36 years of my life, and it tells my story.  I was happy to find such a unique ring at the remounting event March 28th, and with our additions the the original ring, I truly have a ring that is one of a kind, and one that I will enjoy and wear proudly.  It is everything I dreamed of and more, and I am so pleased that Nick Diny put his whole creative talent into this ring.  I would encourage anyone going through major life changes to create a ring that tells their story,good things can come from challenges and changes, and every time I look at my new ring, I am so very happy with how it turned out.  Thank you for sharing my story.

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