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The word emerald comes from the Greek word smaragdos, which means “green stone.” Emeralds have been beloved through human history, evoking re-birth, renewal and spring. Variations of this rich color suggest soothing, lush green gardens. The Roman Emperor, Nero is said to have used slices of emerald placed before his eyes to view gladiator fights. Emerald is the only gemstone with a cut, a rectangle step-cut, named after it, but designers of emerald jewelry use a wide variety of different cuts. The choice of cut is a personal one and does not affect the gemstone’s value.

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Green. When buying emerald jewelry, the most important factor is color; the more vivid the green, the more valuable the stone. Don’t be put off by a few fissures, or inclusions, in your gemstone, experts advise. It is rare to find an emerald without these natural birthmarks, and they do not take away from the emerald’s beauty or value as they might with another type of gemstone. in fact you may find these natural looking stones to be even more beautiful than a stone considered flawless.

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Learn about the special meaning of emerald as May’s birthstone

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20th Wedding Anniversary


The first known emerald mines were in Egypt. Colombia has been the world’s main source for emeralds since the discovery of the New World. Other important sources are Afghanistan, Brazil, China, Madagascar, Russia and Zambia. Emerald gemstones have been also been found in North America in North Carolina and the Yukon Territories in Canada.

Emerald is a variety of the beryl species and is related to aquamarine and green beryl.


Emerald is a durable gemstone with a hardness of 7.5-8 (out of 10) on the Mohs Hardness scale. So if you choose to wear this beautiful stone often, even living in it just remember what it is. It is softer. It needs to be set aside in a safe place when cleaning, doing dishes, and even sleeping. This is increase the lifetime of your beautiful gemstone. If you do ever find that despite your careful ways there is a scratch on it you can get the stone re-polished. Removing the scratches and restoring the shine you love.


Some minute fissures naturally occur in emeralds, and for thousands of years, gemstone dealers have sought to purify the color of these inclusions by immersing them in clear oils or paraffin. In addition to these ancient methods, clear resins and polymers may be used today to enhance the clarity of polymers. Information about any gemstone known to be treated will be disclosed to the buyer. Emerald can also be man-made, meaning it is manufactured in a lab rather than mined.

Care & Cleaning

Since these gemstones can scratch each other, you should  not pile any jewelry containing it together. Store your emerald jewelry in a padded container in a mindful manner, especially when traveling. It is best cleaned with warm, sudsy water and a tightly woven microfiber cloth. Using hot water, steam, chemicals, ammonia or an ultrasonic cleaner could remove oils or resins and damage the stone.

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