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Has Your Ring Ever Done This To Your Finger?

Ring Resizing is a must!

This is what happens when your ring is not sized correctly. This picture is a man who wore his ring for 40 years and never took it off. Your rings should always go on easy and come off a little snug. If you do not have the correct size the ring will cut off circulation and make your knuckles grow faster. It is very common to have to size a ring several times throughout a lifetime, going up or down a size. Learn more about how your rings should fit.

In this gentleman’s case the ring started to cut into his skin. So he had to have his ring removed, it took him about two months for his finger to heal enough to get a proper size measurement. This time frame can vary due to age, how bad the finger is and body chemistry. But your finger will come back to a healthy place where you will be able to get a correctly sized ring.

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