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Learn Why Platinum is Awesome for Jewelery!

Why choose Platinum?

It is the strongest and most resistant to showing the effects of everyday wear. Platinum is the most complimentary to your stone, it not only holds it in place better than any other metal is also allows your diamond to stand out and sparkle without background color influencing the diamonds brilliance.

It is extremely chemical resistant; it is the perfect metal for swimmers, those in the medical field, or anyone who comes into contact with harsh chemicals. Here at Diny’s Jewelers we recommend this metal for people who live a highly active lifestyle. 

In what ways is Platinum superior to gold?

The scratch factor.

As with any metal you wear it will scratch and eventually start to show the wear of everyday life. But with platinum, unlike gold, a scratch won’t remove any metal it will just displace it. That displaced metal can be returned to its original place on your jewelry by your jeweler.

It is naturally a white metal.

Being a naturally white metal means that it will never tarnish like other metals. Though over time it will develop a finish called patina which shows just how loved the jewelry is. Bringing your jewelry to your jeweler to renew its original polish is all it takes to have the shine it did the day you made it part of your life. It is not uncommon for us at Diny’s to hear customers say that they have grown to love the look of their jewelry with the patina finish.

How is it priced compared to gold? And is it really worth the difference?

Platinum is usually 50% to double the cost of 14k gold; however, it is 95% pure, a 14 karat gold piece of jewelry is 58.5% pure gold.

Platinum is 30 times more rare than gold. Relatively little Platinum has been mined from the Earth. All of the gold in the world could fill almost 4 houses; Platinum would only fill one and a half living rooms.

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