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Fall Diamond and Gemstone Restyling Event

One day only, Fall Diamond and Gemstone Restyling Event

We are willing to bet that in your jewelry box you have at least one or two pieces that hold a special sentimental value to you.  These are pieces you would never think about parting with, even with gold prices as high as they are right now.  But…it is also jewelry that you would ever wear either.  And that is okay. Jewelry is subject to changing just like everything else does.

The good news it that at the heart of every piece of fine old jewelry is a diamond or gemstone.  They never go out of style! On Saturday September 26th, bring your sentimental jewelry to Diny’s Jewelers and let us reset your diamonds and gemstones in a brand new, stylish setting.  Saturday Sept. 26th is our one-day-only, very special, Restyling Event.

Don’t let your most beloved jewelry just sit there!  Wait and watch in store as we transform your old jewelry into new pieces for you.  Since you already own the most expensive part of a new ring or pendent you’ll be surprised how affordable this can be.  Come to Diny’s Jewelers and let us turn your precious old jewelery into something new that you want to wear again, during our Restyling Event.

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