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A one carat diamond, it’s less than you think!

It’s the thing that She’s been dreaming of since She was a little girl. Having a beautiful one carat diamond is a dream You can afford to make come true for Her. The best part is that at Diny’s it costs less than you think, less than your monthly car payment, and will be paid off in only 36 months! It’s a gift that will last Her forever and one that she will always carry around with her. No other gift receives as much admiration as Her engagement ring. Fulfill Her wildest dreams at Diny’s Jewelers in Middleton. With credit approval You can afford to get Her a one carat diamond for less than $99 a month.

Engagement Ring Special one carat diamond

Why a diamond?

A diamond is the most emotional gift you can give a woman. It is the only gift that can be passed though several generations of a family and have the it look the same for every owner. A one carat diamond is a rare find; it takes 1 million diamonds mined, of gem quality to find just a single one carat diamond. Only 20% of the diamonds that come out of the ground are considered gem quality. Close to 250 tons of earth needs to be moved in order to find Your one carat diamond. To find even rarer diamonds like a 2 carat it takes 5 million diamonds to find just one.. Roughly 80% of all diamonds that are found are under ¼ of a carat.

Other than Her, there is nothing more beautiful than a diamond that will forever be part of your life.

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