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What is Your Jewelry Style? Find out Now

When you think about jewelry there are types of pieces that you know you like, and a few styles that you know are not your taste.  Understanding what makes styles different from each other and what style is best suited to you isn’t as hard as you might think.  At Diny’s Jewelers in Middleton the four most common types of jewelry that we work with are traditional, contemporary, fashion, and active.  Each has it’s own unique beauty and appeals to different personalities.


The most popular style. You love timeless looks that showcase the diamond without any distractions.  Those who find twhat is your jewelry style?he traditional style to be their taste tend to not be influenced by fashion trends.  Since you have an understated and classic style.  You prefer to wear one or two statement pieces rather than get decked out in jewelry. Traditional style is therefore all about the Rose Gold Ring stylesimplicity of a solitaire ring, or earrings that let the gemstone shine on its own.


These pieces make use of mixed colors of metals; rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, and platinum.  They tend to be more elaborate than other styles of jewelry, yet they remain sophisticated.  Contemporary jewelry takes inspiration from more artistic elements in jewelry. Which leads to the creation of the unique and distinctive pieces you crave. Perfect compliments to your unique and creative sense of style.Yellow Diamond Necklace style


You wear your jewelry to make a statement, and enjoy the glamour of a really glitzy piece.  Platinum and white gold are on your radar right now.  You can appreciate a great big cocktail ring that has  innovative design elements.  For you the more small diamonds in your jewelry the better. Since you love the way they sparkle.


Th3 stone bezel styleis style is perfect for you if you lead and active lifestyle because you need jewelry that is made to suit your life. So your jewelry needs some special styling to keep your gemstones safe and secure.  Bezel settings were created with you in mind. You won’t end up snagging your gemstone on anything and it will be fully secured to hold it in place.  Since your jewelry needs to be durable and lightweight so you can be you and show off your style during any activity.  Tennis bracelets, band rings, and stud earrings best compliment you.

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