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Diamonds Straight from Antwerp to You!

Beverly Diny has just returned form Antwerp, Belgium, and you really need to see what she has brought back with her.  The vast majority of the Beverly Diny selecting diamonds in Antwerpworld’s highest quality, most spectacular diamonds are cut, polished, and traded in Antwerp.

So that is where Bev went to personally, hand pick, Diny’s Jewelers diamond inventory.  She looked through over 2000 Diamonds, and brought back only the seven most stunning diamonds for our store.

By dealing face-to-face with Antwerp’s world famous diamond cutters she was able to hand pick only the best diamonds, you can’t afford to miss out on them.

Beverly Dinys Antwerp DiamondsSo, if you are even remotely considering “popping the question”, hurry into Diny’s Jewelers.  At Diny’s Jewelers diamonds aren’t just our business, they are our passion!   A passion so strong it drives us to travel the world to obtain the very finest diamonds available and take advantage of the unbeatable savings on spectacular Antwerp diamonds.

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