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Best Methods for Cleaning your Jewelry

As we wear our jewelry it gets dirty. Simple fact. Everything we touch, when we wash our hands, and put on lotion it leaves little traces on our jewelry. If you haven’t had your jewelry professionally cleaned in more than a few years, bring it in and we can give it back that shine. We recommend that you bring your jewelry into Diny’s every six months for get a free check and cleaning. But you can also clean your jewelry at home. Yes, even pearls and opal!

We have several different cleaners available for purchase. And all are easy to use.

Our most versatile cleaner is our Diny’s Sparkle Sparkle spray. This botanical spray is non-toxic and safe for even pearls, opal, and turquoise. Just spray it on your jewelry, let it sit for a few minutes, and wipe it off gently with a soft clean cloth. It smells like citrus and mint!

Hint: if you have dirty eye glasses this will remove the endless smudges.

all jewelry cleaner

Silver cleaner cloths are a great way to give your silver a quick polish and return its’ shine. Cleaning silver will turn your cloth black. That is just the chemicals in the cloth working and removing tarnish from your jewelry.   DO NOT put this cloth in the washer, it will turn everything black.

silver cloth

Silver Cleaner requires a bit more skill and attention to clean. Dip your silver in it; be careful not to get it on your skin or clothes. And DO NOT let it sit in the cleaner. That will turn it black. Once you have dipped it in the cleaner several times rinse it out in the sink, and let it dry completely before wearing it again. Make sure you plug the sink drain before rinsing your jewelry out, so that if anything slips out of your hands it doesn’t go for an adventure in your drains.

Over time gold gets dings, and scratches in it that normal cleaning can not fix. When this happens, and you just want to freshen up  for your gold bring it in to Diny’s. So we can give it a high polish that will make your ring look like new again.

There are also other services that we can provide to restore your jewelry to like new condition. Helping you to fall in love with your jewelry all over again.

Always wash your hands after using any method to clean your jewelry.

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