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What necklace length is best for your outfit?


Picking out a necklace that goes with your outfit is almost as hard as picking out an outfit to wear. There are a variety of lengths, and they each have fancy names, and some of them you would never dare to pair. A rope with a v-neck! Never….but then what neckline gives you the perfect opportunity to show off your jewelry in its full glory?


There is a simple rule of thumb, well maybe not that simple, but it will help you to get closer to finding your perfect pairing.

Ask yourself…What type of neckline does this top have? An open neckline or a high neckline?

With an open neckline you want to fill up that space and match the shape and curve of your top. These will tend to be collar to princess length, or 12-29 inches long.

With a high neckline you want to balance your jewelry with your neckline. Your necklace with be the statement of your whole outfit, and sometimes that means that no necklace will be just fine, instead opt for some really fabulous earrings that dangle, we recommend some diamond hoops, they really draw the attention up to your face!


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Still feeling conflicted about what necklace length to wear?

There are some designs that really just make your outfit.

Crew-Neck: goes best with a creative piece. Something that makes a statement all on its own. Go for something really long, like a rope of pearls, or the total opposite, something short and full of intrigue.

One-Shoulder: this is one of those times where it is better to skip the necklace and opt for some killer earrings.

V-Neck is best paired with a necklace that also has the V shape to it, a chain with a great pendent on it; a bezel set solitaire necklace would look really magical with this neckline.

Collared shirts go great with a short simple necklace, there are so many options, pearls, diamond pendants, a bar necklace. This style is really about the length

Turtle necks may seem like something that you cannot possibly wear a necklace with, but that is not true, they just need layers, play up your jewelry big time with this neck line. If you aren’t feeling the layers on necklaces today then draw the eye up to your face with some dangling earrings.

Boat neck tops are great with long necklaces, they help add the illusion of length to your outfit, a rope of pearls goes a long way in bringing this look together.

Strapless and cowl necklines require a necklace that rests entirely above the neck line. Jewelry does a great job of focusing people on our faces, since we subconsciously perceive jewelry before we pay attention to the rest of a person.

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