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Styles of Gemstone Mounting

There are so many options when mounting, or setting, a gemstone. Each has its’ own name, generally describing the manner in which the gemstone is set. They have their own unique look, and own reason it is used.  I hope this guide helps you to understand what sort of setting you are looking for, and why one style may be better fitted to your lifestyle.

Bezel, this mounting style surrounds your diamond and protects it from all directions. It is shaped to uniquely fit your stone. This is the most secure style of setting your stone, and is ideal for people who have a highly active lifestyle.

Tension holds the stone in place on its own. With the design of the band the stone can be placed in the middle of the open top and does stay in the place where it is originally mounted in. This setting is more susceptible to loosing your gemstone than any other style of mounting. If you choose a tension set stone know that you are running a much higher risk of loosing your gemstone.

There are methods that we can use to give your ring the illusion of being tension set, while reinforcing your gemstone making it more secure than a standard tension mounting.

Tension setting tension mounting

Flush/ gypsy style, one of the oldest know mounting styles, has gemstones that are set into the metal so that only the top of the gem is visible and the items surface maintains a smooth and even look. Since no precious metal prongs are required to set the gem, gemstones can be placed anywhere in the piece where the depth of the item allows for.

Pave is where the gemstones are held very close together, giving a glamorous diamond encrusted look. They are held in by beads of precious metal. This allows for the blingiest of looks. The quality of setting job changes the durability factor more on this setting style than any other.

Channel is when the gemstones are given an appearance of being suspended between two parallel walls of precious metal for a smooth, elegant look. This works especially great for smaller gemstones. It also gives more protection to your gemstones than other multi-stone setting types.

Bar setting is a variation on a channel setting. The gems are held in place by parallel bars,.

Bar Mounting

Prong Setting:

There are a variety of prong style settings. It is the most widely used and simplest style of mounting a gemstone. It uses the least amount of metal to securely set the gem which allows it to be shown off in the most complimentary way. Here are a few of the most common styles of prong mountings.

6 Prong

4 prong

3 Prong, also know as a cocktail setting. Great for stud earrings!

V prong, this style of prong forms around the edge of your diamond, it’s commonly used with princess, emerald, and marquee cuts, along with other fancy cuts where they don’t have round edges.

V prong mounting

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