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What to do with Heirloom Jewelry

The first thing everyone should do when they are gifted heirloom jewelry is to not assume it isn’t valuable.

We at Diny’s have seen it happen over and over again that customers come in for a free consultation on what they have received and they say ‘I doubt this is worth anything, but I just love it so much.’ Just to be blown away when they find out that their heirloom is valuable enough that we recommend having an insurance appraisal done to find out the true value.

If you want to receive an appraisal on your jewelry’s current retail and replacement value for insurance purposes Diny’s can provide them for you. Pete Diny, Owner of Diny’s Jewelers, is a Master Graduate Gemologist Appraiser, the highest honors in the state, and completes all appraisals on site.

We can even do them while you wait, with appointment.

We do all appraisals as Lifetime Appraisals. Meaning you pay for them when Pete Diny first appraises your jewelry. For the lifetime of that piece of jewelry we will update your appraisal for free.

We also keep all appraisals we have ever completed on file. So that if they are ever needed we can provide you with the most recent appraisals.

All Diny’s jewelry comes with free Lifetime Appraisals.
Peter DIny Pete Diny's Jewelers Owner Appraisal Diamond

We let you know what items you have, be it silver, gold, platinum, pearls, or costume jewelry. We help you to decide what heirloom pieces you enjoy just as they are. And which ones are not your style and would likely sit in a jewelry box collecting dust.

goldsmith restyle setting diamonds

If there are items that have gemstones that you love in a setting that doesn’t complement your taste and style we suggest that you restyle those pieces. You can even use some of the jewelry that would be sitting in your jewelry box as trade in.

We host restyling events twice a year. Once in the spring and once in the fall. Diny’s Jewelers of Middleton brings a goldsmith into the store who you can typically watch as they set your gemstones into a brand new setting. We also have our largest selection of remount jewelry on hand during these events.

restyle semi-mount gemstone diamond

If you have an idea of how to make your jewelry into something you want to wear every day. We can also work with you to make a custom piece, unique for you.

If you are wondering when our next restyle event is or are interested in scheduling a consultation on your jewelry give us a call.

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