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How Does Ring Sizing Work?

Ring sizerDoes my ring need sizing?

The easiest way to know you are in need  of a different ring size is to check your size at your jewelers. At Diny’s Jewelers we are always here to check your ring sizing and make sure your whole ring is in great shape.

There are also ways you can tell at home. The main way is that your ring should come off of your hand. It should go on easy, and come off just a hair snug. It should never be a struggle. You shouldn’t need to wet your finger to get it to come off.

Why does ring sizing change?

If sometimes it comes off easier than other times its likely due to the temperature of your hand. The fit can also be affected by your diet. If you had a salty meal or had alcohol the night before you are likely to wake up with your ring feeling tighter than normal.

Your hand will fluctuate throughout the year, it’ll feel a little looser when it is cold out, and a bit snugger in the summer, or after working out. This is natural and nothing to be worried about. And because of that your hand can fluctuate up to two full finger sizes, even in a single day.

Here at Diny’s Jewelers we size for the knuckle. It tends to be the bigger part of a finger, and it doesn’t get out of the way of your ring. It is the breaks that should help keep your ring from falling off.

Just because the ring will spin on your finger doesn’t mean that it is the right size. If you have to struggle to get it over your knuckle, or if it won’t come off at all. It is likely that it will need to be sized up. A tight ring damages your finger, it makes it harder for blood to circulate naturally. It can even be cutting into the skin without you knowing it.ring damage

If your ring falls off of your hand when you wear it, then you do need to size it down. Your knuckle should stop it from falling off when you move around. This is common with people who have lost a significant amount of weight since last sized. It it always a good idea to have the right sizing on your rings than to loose something so special as a ring.

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