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What are Enhancements on Colored Diamonds?

Colored diamonds are without a doubt one of our favorite things at Diny’s Jewelers. There is a lot for you to know about colored diamonds. First thing is that there are two types of colored diamonds, Natural and Enhanced. Natural diamonds are just that, they have been mined from the Earth. Sometimes they are found already displaying color.  Almost everyone have already heard of champagne or chocolate diamonds, along with Canary (fancy yellow) diamonds. Enhanced diamonds undergo a variety of processes to bring out the color that they would have. Had spent another millennia or two in the Earth’s crust.

As a result of undergoing a permanent process or two the color is revealed. Sometimes a diamond does stays colorless even after heat treatments. But when a color is revealed, they are all so incredible to see. Stop by Diny’s Jewelers to see some of colored diamonds. Either natural or enhanced.

brown diamonds chocolate

Permanent Process:

The most utilized. A process where natural diamonds with non-fancy colors are subject to high energy electron particles. This is done in order to enhance or reveal the invisible color structure of the diamond. As a result this brings out the notable colors that were not seen in the diamonds before irradiation.

Common Colors: Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Garnet Red, Purple and Blackcolored diamonds fancy diamond

High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT)

In this process high pressure and high temperature are used to replicate the conditions of being under the Earth. Diamonds have to be of very high quality and clarity to be used for this process. Since this replicates being under the Earth it is like the diamond went back and spent another few million years waiting to become the color you want.

Common colors: Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Pink, and colorless (D-Z colors)

Combination of HPHT and Irradiation

Sometimes a combination of HPHT following irradiation is used. Diamonds need to be of a very high quality and clarity for this process. This combination can result in a wonderful variety of colors.

Common colors: Pink, Purple & Red 


 Heat is applied to introduce small graphite crystals along fractures that already exist within the diamond’s structure. Through a process known as annealing. Therefore the process most often used to achieve a black diamonds. As a result of  a large amount of graphite in a diamond it can affect many of the diamond’s physical properties.  Because of this testing devices may not always identify these properly.

Common colors produced: Blackblack diamond

Non-Permanent Processes:

In yet another enhancement technique, a very thin coating is applied only to the pavilion facets of a diamond. It is composed of many layers of a silicon dioxide/metal mix. Diamonds that are coated are most frequently bezel set. This is done to cover up the pavilion facets, because the coating can come off. Due to normal wear or when cleaning with chemicals. At Diny’s Jewelers we do not encourage purchasing diamonds that have a coating. Since this is not a permanent process and the color is rather likely to fade.

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