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Pearl Varieties

The pearl is not only a birthstone for the month of June. It is also the symbol for your 30th anniversary. Pearl is perhaps the best loved gemstone of all time. It occurs both naturally and is cultivated in a very large variety of colors and shapes.



The four most popular varieties of cultured pearls:

Freshwater – Cultivated around the world in freshwater lakes and ponds. These are produced in the largest variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. These are the only variety cultivated in the United States.

Tahitian – Cultivated around the islands of French Polynesia, in the Black Lip Oyster. These are saltwater pearls know for their natural black coloring. These are really something special to see in person. They also come in a white variety.

Akoya – This pearl is produced in both Japan and China in the saltwater. It is the pearl most known to many jewelry lovers. It is known for the lightly pink nacre that covers the outside.pearl

South Sea- Produced in Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. This variety is a saltwater pearl. Known for the large size and thickness of its nacre. The average harvested South Sea pearl is 13 millimeters in size. The oyster who produces this variety can only make one at a time. But unlike many other oysters can make several pearls over its’ lifetime. South Sea pearls even occur in a beautiful deep golden yellow color. As pictured to the right.




Interested in learning even more about these incredible gems. Head over to GIA to learn all about their grading systems.


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