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What does it Cost to Size a Ring?

Looking for an exact price list of the cost for resizing a ring? You likely won’t find that anywhere.

And here’s why.

Jewelers must consider numerous factors when determining the ring resizing cost, as each of the element affects the materials needed and the time and effort of the procedure.

Only after defining these four areas can a we provide an estimate for how much does it cost to resize a ring.

If you bought your ring at Diny’s you don’t need to worry about a cost to size it. We never charge to size a ring you bought with us. We keep a record of every ring we sell so that we know that your Diny’s ring will be sized at no charge!

Sizing Up vs. Sizing Down

When decreasing the size of your ring, it will cost less than sizing it up, because there are no costs for adding materials.

To decrease the size of a ring, we cut the band in the back, as far away from the stones as we can. We then remove the necessary amount of metal, shape the ring to the shape and size needed, and solder the two ends together. We then polish the ring to create the seamless look that you should have after a sizing.

To increase the size of a ring, jewelers can either stretch the metal, which we do not recommend in almost any situation.  In almost all cases we cut the band and create a bridge of additional metal to re-join the pieces. Then soldering the new metal to the ring, and polishing the ring to look like new. The amount of material needed increases the price.


In order of least expensive to impossible to size, here’s how fine metals compare to each other

  1. Yellow gold– One of the easier metals to resize. Most inexpensive comparably speaking, but gold prices can be volatile.
  2. Sterling silver –Fairly easy to resize. Comparable to yellow gold.
  3. White gold– Requires refinishing and a reapplication of rhodium plating (applied to retain the white gold color).
  4. Rose gold –Very temperamental. Can crack during resizing.
  5. Platinum– Requires its own tools for resizing. Has a higher melting point than gold, needing more time with the goldsmith.
  6. Titanium– Extremely hard to work with. It is unable to be resized.
  7. Tungsten– Metal is too hard to be resized.

All metals that are commonly referred to as performance or sports metals are unable to be resized.

cost, ring, sizing

These are all the same ring, size 11. The only difference is the thickness of the band.


The thicker the ring, the higher the price of the resize.

More ring = more material

The thicker your ring is the larger size it will need to be to fit your finger. We size each ring for you based on your finger and your ring. Your engagement ring might fit perfectly at a 7, but once you add a wedding band (or two!) next to it you will need to increase there sizes.

Additional Stones

The number, type, location, and setting style of the stones in a ring will all affect the cost to resize.

The more stones in your ring the higher the potential for problems. Because the more stones a ring features, the more likely our expert goldsmiths will need to remove a stone during sizing or adjust them to accommodate the increase or decrease in band.

Finally if any stones are set along the side of your ring, they will need to be re-tightened, or even reset, because of the change in curvature.

Some types of gems are very temperature sensitive. And those will need to be removed and reset for ring sizing. Or else they would run an incredibly high risk of damage to the stones.

Consult Your Jeweler

If your ring needs resizing, it’s best to get that taken care of as soon as possible.

So no matter how much it costs you to get a ring resized, it will be less than having to replace it if it falls off from being too loose, or from having to get cut off from being too tight.

How can you tell if your ring fits correctly? Bring it to Diny’s Jewelers. We always want you to feel secure wearing your rings. And will be glad to help you find the right fit.


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