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Top Ways Rings are Lost

It’s easy to imagine how it would feel to look down at your hand and notice an empty spot where your ring used to be. In jewelry we hear all sorts of heart wrenching sorties of lost wedding rings. We recently heard about a woman who took her ring off at the San Jose airport last month to wash her hands and forgot to put it back on. She was in such a hurry to make her Uber she left behind what she considered to be the most important thing she owns. Luckily it sounds like she did have her ring properly insured. But she will never be able to replace the emotion of that original wedding ring.

Here is a list of the most common ways that people lose their jewelry and what we recommend doing to avoid it happening to you.

  • confused faceSimple misplacement.  You are more likely to lose your jewelry when you are not wearing it that when you are. When you must take your jewelry off have a safe secure place that you always put it when you remove it. You don’t want to hide your jewelry from even yourself. Mysterious loss or disappearance is the most common jewelry insurance claim.
  • In water, lakes, the and the ocean. (Honeymooners beware!) Water is cold, and when your hands get cold your fingers shrink just enough that with the water your ring is likely to just slip off.  If you wear a ring I am sure you have figured this out for yourself. If not give it a try, run your hands in some cold water and see just how easily your cold wet ring slides around. In Wisconsin water is a real catalyst of good times, and lost rings. Since a lot of us love to spend our free time in the summer in area lakes and rivers. Tubing is notorious for lost rings. Think about all the force you feel from the water rushing past. Your ring feels that force too. So when you are out enjoying your summer work to be aware of how your ring feels.
  • Having the wrong size ring. This is more commonly true with men. They are less used to the feeling of wearing a ring and will buy a ring that is just alost ring, big ring little to big for them.  Through significant weight loss for anybody is likely to cause your ring to become to big for your finger. When our rings are too big for us they are likely to slip off without us noticing. Or for us to take off without thinking about it and not putting it back on. It is important to have your jeweler check how your ring is fitting your finger when you come into Diny’s to have your ring checked and cleaned for free at least once a year, though we recommend coming in to check your ring every six months. The cost of resizing your ring is much less than having to replace it. As always Diny’s rings are forever sized at no charge.
  • Traveling. If you don’t normally wear it and won’t have in on you when you are traveling consider not taking it.  If you want to take jewelry with you, get a jewelry roll.  This will  keep it safe during travel and help it to take up the least amount of room in your carry on. Never put anything you aren’t okay with loosing in a checked bag. It’s just too risky.

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