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Learn About Yellow Diamonds

Yellow Diamonds are likely the most well known of all colored diamonds. They go by names like; Cape, Chartreuse, Lemon, Citron, and the best known the Canary. They represent warmth, vitality, joy, and virtue. Yellow diamonds are found both naturally and through color enhancing processes.

Yellow diamonds are a little bit of the sun shining up at you. These diamonds make a classic fashion statement. Widely used by many of the best known jewelry designers, making these a red carpet favorite. They have been worn by celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Kelly Clarkson, Heidi Klum, and Jenny McCarthy in their engagement rings. These are increasingly trending right now because yellow diamond studs are a red carpet favorite of Kendall Jenner.

Where are they found?yellow diamond huge diamond best diamond

The largest and most intense of these diamonds are found primarily in South Africa. The most famous is called are the The Allnatt,  a 101 carat cushion cut in a vivid yellow hue, and the Incomparable (pictured to the right).  A 407 carat internally flawless brownish yellow diamond.

Why are some diamonds yellow?

Because nitrogen was present at the time the diamond formed, it resulted in the yellow tone that you see. Nitrogen groups itself in a very specific way.  So that results in that being the reflected color of the diamond. This happens because the blue color spectrum is being absorbed by the diamond.

How does color affect the cost?

The strength of the hue in the diamond is the one of the largest factors in determining the value of a naturally yellow diamond. The value increases as the intensity of the most predominant color in the diamond increases. The rest of the 4C’s,Clarity, Cut, Carat. along with Color,  play into the cost of any diamond.

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The images above are some of our favorite designs we found on Pintrest. If you ever have an image of a ring you love but aren’t sure where you can get it, come to Diny’s. Where we have made many custom dreams come true with just a picture and a dream. Allow us to make your custom dreams.

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