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Passionatly Pink Diamonds

When I see a pink diamond I can’t help but feel that it’s most defiantly the kind of diamond that Barbie wears on her finger, and lets be honest, so does Ken. It’s a great choice for rings, because it is such a feminine and romantic color.

Natural Pink diamonds are very rare. So it makes them all the more beautiful. It is estimated that naturally colored diamonds are only 1 in 10,000 gem quality diamonds. With only 20% of all minded diamonds being of gem quality.

These diamonds range from a delicate pastel to a deep raspberry color, due to color modifiers present in the diamond. Modifiers are tints other than the main color that influence the saturation of color.

In the 1980’s Australia became the only place in the world where these diamonds are consistently mined from. The Argyle mine, in western Australia. Before  there were very few places in the world where these diamonds were found.

Diamonds become pink when heat and pressure in the Earth. This causes the crystal structure to become distorted, or form in an unusual manner. This causes diamonds to absorb the green wave length resulting in the pink you see.

Strength of color

As one of the most important factors in determining value of a natural diamond. The more intense the more valuable the diamond.

There is the option of a enhanced pink diamond. This is a budget friendly option. Allowing you to more easily find the color you are dreaming of.

History of Pink Diamonds on Celebs from National Color Diamond Association:
  • In 1947, Queen Elizabeth II received a 54-carat diamond for her wedding to the Duke of Edinburgh. This stone was later mounted onto a brooch by Cartier. The Queen remains one of the biggest collectors of natural color diamonds.
  • In 1958, Farah, the former Empress of Iran, wore the world’s most famous tiara for her wedding: 324 brilliants pink, clear and yellow diamonds set around the Noor-al-Ain (Light of the Eye), one of the largest pink diamonds in the world (60 carats).
  • Ben Affleck bought Jennifer Lopez a 6.1-carat – estimated value $2.5 million
  • A jeweler paid Sotheby‘s  $46.3 million for a 24.78-carat fancy vivid pink.


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