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Titanium, Meteorite & Carbon Fiber. What do these have in common?

Wedding bands!


All three materials are part of the ever growing line of Performance Materials to make a unique wedding band.  Each material has its pros and cons. Due to their strength, durability and overall look.  Even with the extreme strength and durability these new performance materials have, every ring can be custom tailored  to fit your style with endless combinations.

The materials are: Cobalt Chrome, Damascus Steel, Mokume Gane, Titanium, Black Zirconium, Meteorite, Carbon Fiber and Camo


One of the first performance materials offered for Men’s Wedding bands.  Titanium ring is made in the United States using aerospace grade Titanium alloy– Ti6Al4V.  It has the highest strength to density ratio of any metal, making it ideal for use in products ranging from golf clubs to naval ships, and from racing engines to spacecraft.  Durability and strength combine to make your ring one of the most comfortable, longest lasting rings in the world.


Gibeon is the name given to a meteorite that fell in prehistoric times in Namibia of South Africa.  It was named after the nearest town: Gibeon, Namibia.  Because of its beautiful crystal structure being made of an iron-nickel alloy containing significant amounts of cobalt and phosphorus it works well to make truly one of a kind rings.

Carbon Fiber

Your Carbon Fiber ring utilizes structural solid Carbon Fiber and is made entirely in the United States.  Our Carbon Fiber is produced locally by a partner manufacturer whose products can be found in high-tech applications. Varying from Formula 1 racing to aerospace engineering to competitive cycling.


Finally the newest of the performance materials. It is made exclusively by Lashbrook.  Elysium rings by Lashbrook are the only rings in the world made entirely of diamond. This is done when a diamond press fuses millions of diamond crystals together under one million pounds of pressure with temperatures up to 1600 degrees Fahrenheit. Over eighteen years of development, $32 million in research, and seven patents culminate in this revolutionary product. The hardest, most scratch resistant of the wedding bands on the planet.

for more info: Lashbrook Designs

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