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Why do we travel all the way to Antwerp?

Why Antwerp, you ask?

Clients are always asking me why I go all the way to Antwerp, to buy diamonds. I go to Antwerp for a very specific reason. To hand pick the diamonds that we sell at Diny’s Jewelers. And I am making the trip again on October 24th. If you’ve been thinking about buying a diamond for yourself or the one you love this is the perfect chance to get that Forever Diamond for less than you think.

The reason AntBev and Nick with Diamond Cutterwerp is the place to go to buy diamonds is the diamond cutters. They produce the highest quality, most spectacular diamonds in the world! Because I deal with the diamond cutters directly, I can save You money. If you are even thinking about buying a diamond, stop by Diny’s Jewelers before October 23rd and tell me what you are looking for, and I will hand pick a gorgeous diamond straight from Antwerp, just for You.

I inspect hundreds and hundreds of diamonds and only select the very finest diamonds for the money, and we even have payment plans. In fact this last spring my son Nick and I went to Antwerp and we inspected over 5,000 diamonds, and we brought back just the 12 finest diamonds for our clients. We reject 99% of gems so that we 5R9A6848only show the best of the best.

This is our professional knowledge at work for you.

The bottom line is, Diny’s has our 33 years of experience and integrity working for you to find That One Perfect Diamond hand picked, just for you. I am leaving on Friday, October 23rd, so don’t wait; let me select the diamond you have always dreamed of.

If we don’t have it – we Can find it! If we can’t find it we can make it!

Don’t forget to check out The American Family Children’s Hospital – Diny’s Antwerp Diamond Adventure.  Support an amazing cause and win a trip of a lifetime!


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