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The time from Thanksgiving to New Years is not only known for being the holiday season but also engagement season. In that spirit one of Diny’s own got engaged, on New Years. With her ring came a whole new thing to think about and take care of every day. Knowing all of the things that can go wrong in the day and end up damaging precious and well loved jewelry she insisted to her fiance that they both get insurance on their rings. At Diny’s we suggest to everyone that they first check out how their homeowners insurance covers, and treats their jewelry in case of loss. And then to strongly consider getting a jewelry specific insurance policy through Jewelers Mutual. We’ve had such wonderful experiences with them that we like to mention them to our customers.

Plus they are based right here in Wisconsin!

When she received her insurance policy information in the mail, it came with a tip brochure “Pearls of Wisdom”. Which we all thought was full of such great guidelines and tips on how to care for your jewelry. And it has a lot of things that you might not think about as being  a potential problem.

The first thing that they mention is routine checking and cleaning done by us, your jeweler. So that we can alert you to any concerning spots on your jewelry before it becomes a tragic loss. We will look for broken or worn prongs, weak clasps, and other damage that lets us know that you are at risk of losing a diamond, a gemstone, or having a strand of pearls break.

We want to share with you what we at Diny’s Jewelers  and Jewelers Mutual feel are great tips to help prevent the unexpected and protect your most precious jewelry.

14 Tips of Jewelry Wisdom
  1. Dirt buildup can speed up the wear of your jewelry. Visit us at Diny’s in Middleton twice a year to have us professionally check and clean your jewelry. As a service to you, for free, to prevent your loss.

2. Avoid heavy blows to your gemstones. Even diamonds can chip if they are struck at the right angle.

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3. Salt water and your jewelry, they do not mix. Ocean water can damage many stones and metals.

4. Keep jewelry in unlikely places. Jewelry boxes are obvious places for thieves to look.

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5. Exposure to chemicals can damage and discolor precious metals- like gold, silver and platinum-and may harm colored gems. Remove jewelry before going into chlorinated water and hot tubs or using household cleaners. Chlorine eats away at the alloys in gold, it can dissolve a ring if left in the water in just 24 hours!

6. When traveling, keep valuable jewelry at home, or store it in the hotel safe. Also if you must fly with it, never put it in a checked bag, either wear it or store it safely in your carry on.

7. Remove jewelry before swimming. Fingers constrict in water, making rings more likely to fall off. Chlorine eats away at your jewelry quickly, and continues to do so even after you are out of the water.

8. Don’t place or store your jewelry near vents, grates, sinks or drains.

9. Pearls are easily damaged by an array of personal products, like cosmetics and lotions. Put your pearls on after you are done applying makeup and doing your hair.

10. Most burglaries happen in broad daylight. Always keep doors and windows locked during the day.

11. If you bump or snag your jewelry, have it inspected for potential damage that may be unnoticeable to you.

12. Always take time to place jewelry in a secure place, not in a pocket, on a counter, or in a public area.

13. When not wearing you jewelry, place each item in a separate, soft, compact container. if cluttered together, jewelry can become scratched- even diamonds.

14. One of the best ways to keep valuable or extensive jewelry collections secure is to store them in a burglary and fire-resistant safe.

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