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Learn About Glamourous Green Diamonds

green-diamond-imageGreen Diamonds

Pure green natural diamonds are extremely rare. Making them quite valuable. They occur in tints from a light mint  to color that is as vivid as grass. Only a handful of these diamonds make it into the market each year. Making these some of the most watched for of all the natural diamonds. Many more are available as Color Enhanced Diamonds. In just as many hues as their naturally occurring counter parts.


The Dresden Green


Found predominately in regions of Africa and South America.

The most famous of these naturally colored diamonds is the Dresden Green, an apple colored diamond. It currently weighs about 41 carats. Still siting in a hat adornment dating back to 1768. It’s names comes not from where it was mined, but where it has spent most of its’ time on display, Dresden Germany.

Color Formation

These diamonds gain their color in a unique way. Because their color is formed only after their trip to the surface of the Earth. Only after having rested near naturally occurring radiation do diamonds have a chance to naturally become green. As a result the radiation causes the diamond to absorb the red and yellow spectrum of colors. Reflecting the green colors. These diamonds sometimes contain modifying colors. Commonly yellows, blues, and grays.

Strength of Color

One of the most important factors in determining the value of a natural diamond. The more intense the color and the fewer and weaker the modifying colors a diamond possesses the more valuable it becomes. Though the rarity of the color is the biggest determinant of value. Finally the intensity of color and size of the stone also have a noticeable impact on the value of a naturally colored diamond.




Pictures and Information are from the Natural Color Diamond association, and Wikipedia (Dresden Green).


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