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Orange Diamonds: Vibrant, Exciting, Warm

orange-diamond-rough-and-polishedOrange Diamonds

The vibrancy and energy of an orange diamonds is unrivaled. These are truly something special to see. Their color range is incredible. Hues like: tangerine, pumpkin, and amber are used to describe some of the range of vibrancy that these beauties hold. These natural diamonds are incredibly elusive and rare. Therefore very few people have seen a truly orange natural diamond. So if you have, consier yourself one of the lucky few.

Origin and History

By House of Harry Winston

The majority of these rare diamonds come from mines in Africa. The interest in this color surged in 1997 when the Pumpkin Diamond hit the auction block. It was purchased the day before Halloween, leading to the buyer choosing to name it ” The Pumpkin Diamond”. The 5.54 carat diamond was at the time the largest
naturally orange diamond ever minded. That’s incredible, because as you can read in our other colored diamond posts, pink, yellow, blue, green, their most famous diamonds are monsters compared to the Pumpkin.

Color Formation

The vast majority of the orange diamonds contain some nitrogen in their structure. These nitrogen atoms group themselves in a very specific pattern very soon after the diamond began its’ formation. Since it is the presence of nitrogen in these diamonds that leads to the absorption of the blue and yellow spectrum of light. Giving us these beautiful unique colored diamonds. They may also contain notable brown, yellow or pink modifying colors.

Strength of Color

As with all other naturally colored diamonds, the strength of the color is a large determinant on the value it holds. Strength of color is based on the most prominent color that the diamond displays. So even if an orange diamond has pink modifiers, it is based on the strength of the main color.



Information and pictures are from the Natural Color Diamond Association, unless otherwise noted.

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