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Brown Diamonds : Fashionable, Contemporary

Subtle champagnes to rich cognacs, brown diamonds are the new classic. These golden tones make them a softer, gentler option to the colorless diamond. A natural neutral. Making them a wonderful choice for fashion jewelry seeking a contemporary look. Here at Diny’s Jewerlers we have many stunning pieces that take advantage of the rich hues of these diamonds. They create artful pieces that compliment your uniquely authentic style.brown-diamonds

Origin of Brown Diamonds

These are one of the most common colors for naturally mined colored diamonds. They originate in several locations including mines in Southern Africa, Siberia and Australia. Most noteworthy of these is a diamond mine in Western Australia known as the Argyle Diamond Mine who is the world’s largest producer of brown diamonds. They are also known for their extraordinary pink diamonds.

Color Formation

Brown diamonds develop when heat and pressure deep within the Earth cause the crystal structure to distort. As a result this causes them to absorb many light wavelengths. Thus resulting in brown being visible. They may also be modified by orange, pink, or yellow colors. This means they are also visible or have an affect on the color you see.

Strength of Color

 While finding the value of a naturally colored diamond an important factor is the strength of its color. Therefore the more intensely hued the most noticeable color of the diamond the more valuable it is. As is true of all colored diamonds. Since there is such a range in the hue desired from person to person  these diamonds can be an amazing value.

Argyle Diamonds C1 to C7 color scale is the most widely used and recognized for color grading of brown diamonds.


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