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Find out about Magnificent Morganite

Morganite, the blushing pink gemstone so captivating that in the last few years it has made a splash in the world of fashion. Making it one of the most trend setting gemstones in fashion.morganite

As a member of the Beryl family is a close cousin of Emeralds and Aquamarines. Due to being much like cousin Aquamarine, Morganites are a rather clean gemstone: meaning it is relatively free of eye visible inclusions.


Rough Morganite

Morganite is in an interesting spot at the moment. It is rarer than Aquamarine, but is still more readily available on the market.

morganite polished

Polished Morganite

This is due to the relatively new passion for it’s use in fashion jewelry. If you want to have your own collection of this stunning gemstone there it a good chance that right now it is a great value. Given this unusual position in today’s market. Seeing as Aquamarines and Emeralds have already cemented themselves as a highly desirable  part of every jewelry lovers wardrobe.


J.P. Morgan.

Origins of Morganite

The name comes from J.P. Morgan (Yes, the baking guy).  As a result of being one of the most important gem collectors of the early 1900’s. When the rose colored beryl was discovered in Madagascar in 1910 the gemological powers that be named it in honor of him.

It has since been found in several locations around the world. Including Buckfeild, Maine. The most noteworthy and  largest specimen ever was discovered in 1989. A 50 pound Orangish gem since named “The Rose of Maine”.


Blessed with such a unique color of this class of beryl due to the presence of the element manganese. Therefore Morganite is often heat treated to improve the saturation of there color. This process drives out the tinges of yellow and orange that can occur in Morganite. As a result heat treatment also increases the stability of the gemstone’s color. So the color you fall in love with at Diny’s Jewelers will stay the color you love.

Featured Diny’s Morganite


Rose Gold and Morganite were always destined to be a show stopping combination. This 10 carat pairing proves how perfect this pair of pinks are for each other.

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