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Learn What the Custom Process is Like – A Mother Ring


A Ring Fit for a Mother

We recently had the opportunity to work with a daughter to design a custom Grandmother’s ring for her mother. She wanted it to represent her family, with a little room to grow. And for it be something that could be worn everyday. Working on a ring using such a variety of birthstones is a fun project.

We first sat down and determined the colors of gemstones that were needed. Since several months have more than one gemstone representing it she was able to choose the colors that she preferred.

Finding the Birthstone Colors

custom mother ring sapphireOnce we had selected the birthstones she wanted we got to work getting estimates for two different options for this project.

  • Using Genuine birthstones for each month
  • Matching Sapphires to the gemstones for each month

It was then time to sit down with her and give her the two options for her project that we had. She decided that it would be better to go ahead with option two. Since this is to be worn everyday and will see a lot of wear. Sapphires were the right choice for her mother.

Matching the Birthstones with Sapphires

custom mother ring sapphire

We then began to process of finding Sapphires that matched perfectly in color with that of each of the Birthstones. As you can see in the picture of the garnets, you cannot tell that the red square cut in the front is actually a Sapphire.

We went over each sapphire and Birthstone matching until she was happy with the gemstones that were going to be in the ring. Some colors took more time to find matches for than others. This is part of the fun and satisfaction in a birthstone project.

Next came determining how the Sapphires were to be laid out in the ring. She wanted them to have an aesthetic balance and have place holder white Sapphires on each end. Just in case some more grand babies decide to make an appearance in the future.

Finding the perfect layout
1st Layout

custom mother ring sapphire

Though the first layout above is pretty. We all felt having the green and pink so close together gave that side an unintended pastel feel.

So we tried integrating the pink Sapphire closer to the middle while toning each of them down with a Blue Sapphire.

When she saw the layout below she was ready the final go ahead.

2nd Layout

custom mother ring sapphire

Now it was in the goldsmith’s hands. Where the gold was mixed, heated, and cast into a channel band with room for the 14 Sapphires.

When the goldsmith is finished we check to make sure that every stone is set to our specifications and high standards. Then Peter Diny assess the ring for a Lifetime Appraisal. Finally we are able to pass on the news that this unique custom piece is ready for gifting to her mother.

custom mother ring sapphire


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