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Trending Fashions in Jewelry You Don’t Want to Miss

Every year we see new trending styles bringing a fresh variety of colors and designs to wardrobes everywhere. From the red carpet, and the silver screen, to your wardrobe these trends make themselves known in a glittering, shimmering fashion.

1. Modern takes on Enamel.

It has long been associated with antique jewelry and collectible objects enamel is seeing new life in the designs of 2017. Modern spin on enamel is encouraging designers to use it in new and simple ways. Bold colors and simple stripes using solid colors.

2. Pearls are going to explode.

Keep an eye out for pearls that make you rethink your idea of them. Designers are using pearls in edgier designs than ever. Not only are pearls an affordable gemstone, they also go with everything.







3. Charm necklaces.

The new collectible jewelry. With charm bracelets being so 2005 but the desire to express your individual style ever present, a charm necklace is everything you’re looking for. At Diny’s Jewelers we have these ingenious adjustable chains that make it so that your charms will sit perfect with every neckline. And we have thousands of charms available in silver, white gold, and yellow gold to fit your personal tastes and budget. Tell your story with a charm or two displayed confidently around your neck.





4. Geometric angles.

Every year sees a new shape making it’s statement. This is the year of the angular shapes. Sharp angles are very in. It’s not as much about the facets and the sparkle as it is about the interesting shapes. You will be noticing more emerald cut diamonds this year in designs and engagement rings.

5. Minimalism.

Not just for how you organize anymore. One of the biggest trends of 2017. Clean lines, simple settings, big gold hoops. Minimalism allows the beautiful tones of the gold to display their full appeal. This allows you to focus on the form, finish, and texture of your jewelry. Less is more in minimalism. Therefore this trend is a great way to mix and match trending fashions into your own Diny’s custom designed wardrobe staple.

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