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Have you heard about Our Antwerp Diamond Buying Trips?

Diny’s has been traveling to Antwerp Belgium since 1992, that’s now over 25 years.

This is so that we could buy direct from the diamond cutters. So that you can save money on the diamond of your dreams. We’ve been buying diamond direct from Antwerp longer than anyone else in the area. So when we buy our diamonds we know who is going to help us get you the best deal on the most beautiful diamond.

We go twice a year to hand select diamonds for you, and a few for ourselves too. So don’t worry if you missed the deadline to reserve before our latest trip. We bring a select few back just for that reason.
We have found over the years that the way that a diamond is cut, its proportions to its’ shape is the most important factor in the beauty of a diamond. That is what we look for. How it sparkles from every angle. Sending sparks of simmering fire flying with the smallest movements. Because the most important thing in the diamond when you are wearing it is how beautiful it is. Sure GIA’s 4C’s are a great way to know the replacement value of your diamond in dollars. But day to day you won’t think about your diamond being a 1.01ct SI2 GH. All you will think about is how beautiful it is as your superior cut diamond outshines all others.

You may be wondering: Why Antwerp?million fancy

Well, that’s because it has been The Diamond Capital of the World for almost the last 500 years. It sees 80% of all the diamonds in the world pass
through it for cutting and polishing. Before being sent to the middlemen that typically then sell the diamonds to jewelers. Being part of a very select group of independent jewelers we are able to cut out that middleman. And we purchase your beautiful diamond in the same place that it was cut. We pass that savings on by being able to get you bigger and better diamonds than a diamond not from one of our Antwerp Buying Trips.

Spring and Fall are when we go. Normally April and October, so come in and learn about what makes each diamond unique so that we can find you yours on our next buying trip to Antwerp Belgium.

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