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Without diamond communities there wouldn’t be a diamond industry. So making sure that our diamonds do good and empower these communities matters to us. We work with diamonds every day. And knowing that our business helps to do good in the world is an incredible feeling. We cannot imagine operating in anyway where our happiness meant someone else would suffer. Because of this we search out and work exclusively with designers who feel the same way, that ethical is the only way to be.

Ethical Diamond Industry

The impact that the diamond industry has around the world is incredible. For many people around the world every diamond purchased brings food to

ethical diamond impact

their tables, improves healthcare, water quality, living conditions, education, and connects remote communities to opportunities they have always dreamed of.

The diamond industry helps to build wells in the communities they mine in. Providing clean fresh water in areas where it had been a luxury that would take hours to bring home. Diamond’s also help make these communities grow in their sustainability. It provides them the opportunity to educate their communicates helping them to strengthen their countries.


Diamonds provide many girls in Tanzania education from the first day of school all the way through university.

Ethical diamonds do good

Many of these girls are the first person in their family to ever finish high school.

Tanzania has seen a significant increase in the number of girls who are able to receive and education. These girls  go on to professional careers and live lives where they are able to provide for themselves. All as a result of all of the ethical diamond and gemstone mines in their country, along with the scholarships supported by the diamond industry.


In Botswana the diamond industry provides high quality private education to the children of all of it’s employees. Did you know that 70% of Botswana’s exports are diamonds?  Without the global diamond industry this country would no longer be able to grow as in has over the last 50 years since it’s mines opened. Botswana has controlling shares of their diamond mines, equal to that of the mine owners. This control has allowed them to provide education for every child in their country.  Check out the info-graph below for even more on the incredible impact of ethical diamonds in Botswana.

Diny’s Does Good

So when you are wanting to make the ethical choice in your jewelry purchase, remember all the good that natural mined diamonds do all over the world. And the extraordinary impact your diamond will have on the lives of the millions of people. Those employed in the places like Tanzania, and Botswana. Those who rely on the continued love of their diamonds to provide for their families.

Lab grown diamonds don’t have the global impact that our ethically sourced diamonds do.

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Much of our information and these photos come from diamondsdogood.com who have even more awesome information on how diamonds enhance the lives of millions of people around the world.



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