Bdo What To Spend Pearls On?

What should I spend my pearls on?

These are the following uses for pearls:

  • They can be used to upgrade some Royal Guardians.
  • They can be used to forge stats Items, Units, Spells and Towers / Obstacles.
  • They can be used to upgrade and apply Runes on Items, Troops, Spells and Obstacles.

What should I spend pearls on BDO Reddit?

pets, maids, flute, weight, value pack, inventory. tip for costume, get Canape for a double up combat xp/cooking effect. I made the mistake of buying a regular costume first that I didn’t even really like the looks of (my class has no good looking costumes), then got into cooking and had to buy the canape too.

What are Pearl items BDO?

Pearl items are purchased by players called whales, who buy pearl items and sell them back on the marketplace to turn in-game items, and this is something to note as you will primarily be buying from them for this method.

What can I spend my BDO money on?

Most popular things are probably a Tent or improving your worker empire with things that use CP, city storage, worker/stable slots. Stay away from artisan memories, they are cursed. Explorers package is very good. Also now you can buy 2+2 pet packs, 50% discount, a very good price and you will need pets anyway.

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How much do pearls cost in BDO?

Pearl Shop prices for pets is usually 1100, unless you purchase the Classic cats and dogs. They periodically go on sale for about 20% off. Sales larger than this are pretty rare.

How do you get rid of pearls in BDO?

Go into your character and check the Pearl Inventory. Under the Character tab you likely have inventory expansion items you can use (not shareable with other chars). Use it and you should be able to start the deletion timer.

Is BDO pay to win?

Bdo is a progression game not a competitive one so there is not a lot of winning. Now when it comes to equipment some people refer to BDO as pay to win because of items like things like artisan fragments which increase repair durability by 5x.

How many Pearl items can you sell BDO?

Number of Pearl items you can register is limited to 5 by default.

How many crons do you get per outfit BDO?

This nets roughly 30 Cron per piece of the outfit. So a full outfit can yield 250 or more Cron.

How do I get Cron stones?

You can purchase them from any blacksmith @1mil each. But common consensus is that you should never buy them, and the plentiful we get from events should only be used on accessories.

How do I buy BDO steam pearls?

Buying Acoins and Pearls via Steam are done entirely through the in-game Pearl Shop by clicking [ESC Menu > Pearl Shop ] or F3 shortcut key.

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