FAQ: How To Use Powder Pearls?

Do you use Colour correcting pearls before or after foundation?

Apply color correctors before foundation —and blend, blend, blend.

What do Colour correcting pearls do?

White pearls HIGHLIGHT to illuminate the face. Green pearls REDUCE and neutralise redness. Peach pearls BALANCE and even out dark spots. Yellow pearls BRIGHTEN and neutralise purple tones and under eye circles.

How do you use illuminating pearls?

Use alone or over make-up. Simply dust the All-Over Face Brush into the pearls, tap off the excess and sweep over the apples of your cheeks.

How do you use Avon Bronzing Pearls?

Here are a few tips for applying Avon Bronzing Pearls to get the best possible results.

  1. Apply a good foundation.
  2. Build it up gradually.
  3. Apply the bronzer to areas the sun would naturally hit.
  4. Choose the right application for your face shape.
  5. Define and disguise.
  6. Check it in daylight.

Does concealer go on before or after foundation?

While you can apply your concealer before your foundation, many makeup artists recommend applying concealer after to avoid looking cakey and to avoid creasing. Applying your face makeup first gives you a smooth, blendable base to work with before you get to covering.

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What goes first corrector or concealer?

Apply the corrector before your base, then apply foundation, and if you need more help go in on top with a light-reflecting concealer.” A concealer is a heavier pigment and holds a thicker texture, so it’s much better for blemishes.”

Did Avon stop selling smooth minerals?

Smooth Minerals is another customer-favorite discontinued Avon makeup collection that is now gone for good.

How do you use pearl blush balls?

Apply on your cheeks with circular sweeping moves for a glowing, rosy finish. Use the Natural Bronze or Sublime Radiance toned pearls. Swirl a fan brush over the pearls to get a perfect blend of all pigments. Next, use the thin side of the brush to contour your face by sweeping bronzer underneath your cheekbones.

How do you use glow bronzer?

Start by sweeping your brush along your hairline on your forehead, then follow your hairline down to your cheekbones. Then, bring the color to the apples of your cheeks, and then swirl back again to shade under your jawline. When finished, your bronzer should be applied in a 3-shape on the side of your face.

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