FAQ: What Is A Good Brand Of Stretch Cord To Use For Knotting Pearls?

What is the best stretch cord for jewelry making?

The most popular sizes of elastic cord for making bracelets is 0.7 mm or 1 mm elastic cord, but selecting one depends on the weight of the beads and the size of the hole. For seed bead bracelets, 0.5 mm elastic cord works great.

What is the strongest beading elastic?

Clear bead strings are considered the best stretchy cord for bracelets. They are round elastic strings with one thread. Their strength is unmatched, and you can get the treads in a range of sizes, making it easy for you to choose an ideal match for your beadwork project.

What is the best material for stringing beads?

The Best String for Necklaces

  • Silk. A well-known classic for bead stringing, silk thread is most often used for pearls.
  • Nylon. When knotting long, stone bead necklaces, nylon works very well.
  • Monofilament.
  • Nymo.
  • Silamide.
  • Coated Wire aka Beading Wire.
  • Leather Cord.
  • Waxed Linen Cord.

What size cord do I need for 6mm beads?

6mm beads. A 6mm bead is equal to the width of 4 pennies stacked up (each 1.52mm). The hole size for this bead is likely to be between 0.8mm and 1.2mm. Any wire gauge between 21-23g or a 0.024” cord will be a good match.

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How do you make a stretchy bracelet?


  1. Decide on the length of your bracelet and the design you want to create with your beads.
  2. Cut a 12″ length of the Stretch Magic cord.
  3. Prestretch the cord by holding one end of the cord and pulling it between the thumb and forefinger of your other hand, to gently stretch it.
  4. Begin stringing your beads.

How many waist beads should I wear?

If they are worn too tightly they will pop from the constant pressure. How many should I wear? You can wear as few or as many waist beads as you feel comfortable in. Most women wear about 3 strands.

What type of string is best for bracelets?

Polymer strings are the best stretch string for bracelets. It is excellent for durability and size variety and is what professionals use.

Why are pearls strung on silk?

Pearls are a soft gem which means they can be easily abraded or scratched if they rub against each other over a period of time. Stringing pearls on silk thread and knotting between each individual pearl provides protection from constant rubbing which could cause damage to a pearl’s surface.

How large is a 6mm bead?

Beads Per Inches Size Chart

Bead Size (Length ) 1″ 16″
4mm 6.4 102.4
5mm 5.1 81.6
6mm 4.2 66
7mm 3.6 57.6


What size cord do I need for 8mm beads?

For most seed beads, size 11 or size 8, you can use 0.5mm cord with a collapsible-eye needle.

What size beads for 18 gauge wire?

Will fit through most crystals 4mm and larger, larger seed beads size 8 plus, larger semi-precious and glass beads, including Czech glass. 18 gauge wire = 1.02mm ( 0.040”) Good for making heavy jewellery as long as the bead holes are big enough, and for clasps and findings.

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