How To Sew Pearls On Fabric?

How do you put beads on a dress?

  1. Thread your needle and sew through the back side of your dress fabric. Knot your thread twice.
  2. Thread your bead. Insert your needle towards the direction where your next bead placement is to be set.
  3. Loop each bead twice. Knot your thread on the inside of your fabric.

Can you sew over sequins?

If your sequins are quite fine, you could try simply sewing through them as you would a normal seam. For this, I’d recommend using a stronger needle for your machine – a leather needle perhaps.

What thread do you use for bead embroidery?

There are two basic types of beading thread that are widely used by leaders: nylon beading thread and gel-spun or fishing line-type thread. Some readers swear by nylon beading threads for their bead embroidery. They are soft, strong, and will not create large holes in the bead embroidery foundation.

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