Often asked: How To Make A Ribbon Necklace With Pearls?

How do you string beads on a ribbon?

Cut a thin piece of wire and fold it in half, letting the ribbon rest in the fold, creating a threaded needle technique. Then, just poke the wire through the bead and let the ribbon follow. Once you’ve threaded all your beads onto the ribbon, tie it to the length you want it and snip the edges of the ribbon.

How do you make a pearl cluster necklace?

Make Your Own Pearl Cluster Necklace

  1. Start by preparing all the pearl beads. Stick a gold head pin through each pearl.
  2. Using the needle-nose pliers, twist the extra wire around so that you’ve created a hook.
  3. Trim the extra wire with wire cutters.
  4. Once you have all the pearls ready, it’s time to start stringing them on the ribbon.

How do you get the ribbon necklace in Royale high?

The Ribbon Necklace is an accessory added during the Christmas 2018 event. It was later made available again from the Christmas 2019 event. It is one of the items obtained from Santa, by leaving cookies or hanging ornaments.

How do I make the hole in my bead bigger?

You have choices: Jam your needle or wire through the bead, often resulting in frustration and a broken bead. Throw the bead over your shoulder (like with salt, it’s considered good luck). Use a tool, such as a bead reamer, to enlarge the hole.

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