Often asked: How To Use Pearls To Expand Inventory Black Desert?

How do you expand inventory in black desert?

Inventory space is gained by completing certain quests or bought from the Pearl store by pressing “F3” then going to “Function” and selecting “ Inventory ”. You can also buy 1 inventory slot for 1,000 Loyalty (10 days logging in) by going to the “Loyalities” section.

What is Pearl inventory BDO?

Pearl Inventory, items specifically from the Pearl Shop. General Items, shows all items. Trade Items. House decoration items. Sea Totem for boosting fishing.

How can I buy storage in BDO?

To buy a Storage property click the town or city icon then click a blue house icon. Below is an example of a Storage property you can buy. This property costs 1 contribution point and takes 2 minutes to set-up. Buying this property will give you 3 extra storage spaces in the town or city you buy it in.

How many inventory slots do you start with in BDO?

You begin with 24 Inventory slots, but you can raise that by 33 with quests for a total of 57 slots. To increase your inventory beyond 57, you will have to obtain inventory with Loyalties, or Pearls.

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How do I get rid of pearls in inventory?

Go into your character and check the Pearl Inventory. Under the Character tab you likely have inventory expansion items you can use (not shareable with other chars). Use it and you should be able to start the deletion timer.

Is Pearl inventory shared BDO?

Family Inventory is a bag that all characters share. Family Inventory Slots and Weight Limit can be purchased with Pearls and Loyalties.

How do you get infinite potions in BDO?

This item is obtained as a rare drop by grinding monsters at Tshira Ruins. The mobs which drop this piece are: Leaf Keeper, Vine Keeper and Grove Keepers. This area has a recommened minimum AP of 140. Monsters in this area also drop Garmoth’s Scale which are needed for other infinite potion items.

Is storage shared BDO?

You can store your items in each of the city storages so your other characters can access and use those items too. Your horses, donkeys and carts are also shared, but only if they are in the stable.

Where can I buy elephant in BDO?

Miniature Elephant can only be obtained after completing a Valencia quest line. They can’t be bought or sold at the Horse Market. They can be sold directly to a for about 12 million silver, depending on skills and level.

How do I unlock my family inventory?

After handing over the Pickled Vegetables, you will be given a follow up quest from the elephant. Simply go back to Shakatu to hand in the quest item from earlier. You will be given a Family Inventory Expansion Slot +2 Box and can right-click this item to unlock your family Inventory.

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Where can I buy storage in Velia on the world map?

Press M to access world map then find Velia. Click the Velia castle icon to view available houses then on the upper right you can filter what you need the house for and in this case we need a storage house so select storage.

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