Often asked: Nier Automata Where To Find Pearls?

Where can I find pearls in Nier?

Location. Found at harvest points in the Flooded City.

How do you get black pearls in Nier?

To begin your grind for 15 Black Pearls, travel to Seafront by either crossing the Southern Plains or ferry. You’ll need to be in the second half of the game to find Black Pearls and have already completed the major story quest that takes place here.

Where can I get a dented socket Nier?

Dented sockets can be farmed near the Abandoned Factory: Furnace transporter. The area has two places that have multiple Multi-leg Medium Models climbing on the walls, both accessed from the room with the dumpster of discarded small and medium bipeds.

How do I get to the flooded city?

You can reach the area by going through the section where the big crater in the middle of the City Ruins is located. There will be a large sewer pipe you can travel through that will take you directly to the place where the Flooded City is located.

Where can I find moldavite Nier?

Where to Find/Location

  1. Reward for completing Treasure Hunt at the Castle.
  2. Reward for completing Storage Element.
  3. Reward for completing The Wandering Couple.
  4. Flooded City, Can be found in Harvest points.
  5. Sold by the shop keeper in the Park Ruins (after completing Route C)
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Where can I get a stretched coil Nier?


  1. Common drop from machines.
  2. Can also be bought from Emil’s Shop for 67 G.

Where can I buy warped wire Nier?

Where to Find/Location

  1. Can be looted in the Desert Zone.
  2. Layer robots next to the Desert Camp.
  3. Can be bought from Emil.
  4. Dropped by Reverse-jointed Goliath.
  5. Dropped by Multi-tier robots.
  6. ??

What sells Emil?

While Emil’s near the Desert Camp, he will sell you plug-in chips. His prices are a little exorbitant, but he does sell useful stuff like Overclock and Vengeance. Talking to him for the first time will also give you access to the side mission that leads you to the Lunar Tear trophy.

How do I get to flooded city from resistance camp?

The way to the city is accessed via a sewer north of the Resistance Camp, which is only uncovered when the terrain of the City Ruins changes for the first time. The player may travel here before Anemone’s request, but the cutscene that plays when stepping foot into a new zone won’t trigger.

How do you find a wandering couple?

Visit the Flooded City and find them standing by a broken building. They will request 50,000G from you. Give them the money to proceed the quest.

Where is the pod in the flooded city?

Notes. Pod B can only be obtained by fishing in the Flooded City; Pod C is up a slope northwest of the Oil Field access point.

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