Often asked: Salt And Sanctuary What Do Pearls?

What do GREY pearls do salt and sanctuary?

Gray Pearl Effect Interact with the Tree of Skill at your creed’s Sanctuary to remove invested points. The pearl will transform into a Black Pearl upon use.

How do you get shimmering pearls?

Best farming spot is in Mal’s Floating Castle. Just stock up on Bells of Return, kill the Keeper that’s right there when you go in. Kill, hit bell back, repeat. You can bypass the bells and walk back every time, but using bells will save you precious seconds which will turn into minutes fast.

How do you respec in salt and sanctuary?

You can acquire Black Pearls by spending Salt in a Sanctuary, or by finding them through out the game. Gray Pearls will refund you Black Pearls, should you choose to respec a Skill. To the left of the Skill Tree is a seperate window that displays your character stats. You can use L2/R2 to cycle between the panels.

Where can I farm Salt salt and sanctuary?

The Castle of Storms is a fairly accessible spot for material and salt gain early on- courtesy of the various enemies in the castle. Most enemies in the castle are fairly fragile with the notable exception of the armoured guards.

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Can you get all skills in salt and sanctuary?

So at a minimum level of 260 you can technically have all skills and and reached your softcap in all your stats.. IF you have a large amount of Gray Pearls to delete strength/dex/willpower and magic nodes that you don’t need because you already get enough of them through mastering the specific weapon skills.

How do you upgrade weapons in salt and sanctuary?

Weapons can also be upgraded at any Sanctuary that has a Stone Blacksmith. Upgrading Weapons requires Salt and the upgrade material required. This number increases as you improve the Weapon and can change to different materials at higher levels.

What is the max level in salt and sanctuary?

Level Information Maximum level is 549.

Where do I get drowned Tome salt and sanctuary?

Where to Find Drowned Tome. The Blackest Vault: On a platform to the left of the collapsable wooden bridge at the bottom of the area.

How do I get to Mal’s floating castle?

You need to wall-jump your way to the top using the Shadowflip Brand. This will bring you the Mal’s Floating Castle entrance. Just to the right will be a door, that leads to an unclaimed Sanctuary. You can claim it for the Creeds of your choice by using their idol at the altar as usual.

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