Often asked: What To Do With The Nakak Pearls?

Where can I spend Nakak pearls?

To spend Nakak Pearls, go to Nakak in Cetus. There’s some unique cosmetic items bound to the Dog Days Event such as the Beach Color Palette, the Dogs Days Emblem, some squishy beach ball floofs, the Dog Days Sigil, and the Dog Days captura scene.

How do you get dog days in Warframe?

You can get it from Nakak using the pearls you get after every successful run. It costs about 1000, which assuming you only want that is about 2 runs a day.

What is Dog Days Warframe?

Dog Days Tactical Alert is a summer event based around you, a beach arena, an “ultra-powered Soaktron” squirt gun, and other players. If players win their watery brawls, they’ll win rewards. The beach arena disallows mods, pets, and abilities. Warframes are on equal footing, and must participate in a deathmatch.

How many Kubrows are there?

There are currently 6 species of ownable Kubrows, each with different stats and abilities.

What are tactical alerts Warframe?

Tactical Alerts are special Alert missions that feature unique challenges and enemies compared to traditional Alert missions.

Who are the quills Warframe?

The Quills are a mysterious monastic order that serve the equally enigmatic Unum, a being who resides within the Orokin Tower at Cetus in the Plains of Eidolon. They have very close ties to the Ostron people who also praise the Unum, and are seemingly knowledgeable about the secrets of the Tenno.

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