Often asked: Where To Find Silica Pearls On Extinction?

Where do you find crystals in extinction?

Extinction. In the Extinction DLC, crystals can be harvested from Lampposts, Benches and Tables in the Sanctuary.

What is the GFI code for silica pearls?

Ark Item ID List

Item Name Item ID GFI Code
Silica Pearls 160 cheat gfi Silicon 1 1 0
Silk Silk cheat gfi Silk 1 1 0
Sparkpowder 107 cheat gfi Sparkpowder 1 1 0
Stimulant 123 cheat gfi Stimulant 1 1 0


Where are the blue gems in extinction?

It can be found by harvesting from Fungal Trees (Trees with white leaves) found in Wasteland around Great City.

Do Gachas give black pearls?

Using the Gacha is the best way to get black pearls. Corrupted Giganotosaurus in the north. These creatures have a small chance of dropping 1-7 black pearls.

Where can I find black pearls in the center?

Ammonites drop black pearls, and they’re easier to find (though not that numerous) than sea scorpions. My recommendation is to make a mosa trap on the sea floor by the south bubble (where tons of mosas spawn) and tame a couple of them.

Where do I find black pearls in Genesis?

Black Pearls Arrive at a volcanic cave and go under the mountain. On the bottom of the cave you’ll find lots of black pearls scattered on the ground.

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How do you spawn silica pearls?

The Item ID for Silica Pearls on Resources is 163. Silica Pearls Item ID.

Class / Command PrimalItemResource_Silicon_C
Example To spawn Silica Pearls, use the command: admincheat summon 163. To spawn using the GFI command, please see the GFI command.


Can you tame a trilobite in Ark?

The Trilobite can only be tamed using a Fish Basket in Aberration.

Are there obelisks in extinction?

The Sanctuary Obelisk is a region in the Extinction DLC.

Are there rock Drakes in extinction?

We found em killing corrupted drakes with the eggs found in the bag they drop. Also found nameless venom from killin the scorpions in the wasteland.

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