Often asked: Where Wasdiamonds And Pearls Interior Shots Filmed?

Where was diamonds and pearls filmed?

Diamond and Pearl also appeared in the music videos for “Cream”, “Strollin'”, “Gett Off”, and the title track, and also participated in Prince’s Diamonds and Pearls Tour.

Diamonds and Pearls
Released October 1, 1991
Recorded December 1989 – May 1991
Studio Paisley Park and London
Genre Funk new jack swing pop R&B


Who played drums on Diamonds and Pearls?

Drummer Michael Bland took over on drums after Sheila E. left Prince’s band in 1989. Michael B. became a founding member of the New Power Generation and remained with the group until 1996 (although he appeared on Prince’s recordings into the ’00s).

Who is the female singer in diamonds and pearls?

Rosie Gaines is an American singer, songwriter and record producer from Pittsburg, California. Gaines is a former band member of Prince’s group, The New Power Generation. She duetted with singer Prince on the hit song ” Diamonds and Pearls “.

Who did Prince do duets with?

Prince feat. Rosie Gaines, “Nothing Compares 2 U”

1 Take Me with U Prince 3:54
5 Love Song Madonna 4:52
6 U Paula Abdul 4:05
7 Why Should I Love You? Kate Bush 5:00
8 Givin’ ‘Em What They Love (feat. Prince ) Janelle Monáe, Prince 4:26

Who were the girls in Prince’s Cream video?

Diamond and Pearl (a.k.a. Lori Wener and Robia LaMorte ) became Prince’s backup dancers during Prince’s Diamonds and Pearls era, named for the 1991 album, which featured songs like “Gett Off” and “Cream.” Both women appeared on the album’s music videos, danced on tour, and are featured on the collection’s holographic

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What key is diamonds and pearls in?

Diamonds and Pearls by Prince & the New Power Generation is in the key of G Major.

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