Often asked: Who Sang Pearls A Singer?

What did Elkie Brooks sing?

She was a vocalist with the bands Dada and Vinegar Joe, and later became a solo artist. She gained her biggest success in the late 1970s and 1980s, releasing 13 UK Top 75 singles, and reached the top ten with ” Pearl’s a Singer “, “Sunshine After the Rain” and the title track of the album No More the Fool.

Is Elkie Brooks an alcoholic?

In her book, Brooks admits that drink became her best friend, but she never became an alcoholic.

What has happened to Elkie Brooks?

Born in Salford, singer Elkie Brooks was discovered aged just 15 by showbiz impresario Don Arden. She fronted Vinegar Joe with Robert Palmer, and after going solo, became one of the UK’s biggest-selling artists. Now 72, she is married to Trevor Jordan, lives in north Devon and has two sons.

Is Elkie Brooks still touring?

Elkie Brooks tour ( Concert ) 17th June 2021-23rd September 2021.

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