Question: Endless Legend What To Spend Pearls On?

How do you get pearls in endless legend?

To collect pearls, the player simply needs to move a unit or a hero to or through the hex tile containing them. The total number of pearls owned is displayed at the bottom right of the screen, above the turn counter. Note that the Allayi can also obtain pearls by searching ruins.

How do you use stockpiles in endless legend?

Click on the stockpile in the Empire management screen. If it is an Industry or a Food stock, you should choose a city you control, that city’s Industry or Food will be boosted for one turn. If it is a Science stock, when after accepting the confirmation, its effect will be applied on the entire faction for a turn.

How do you build the Museum of Auriga?

An Expansion available to all factions from the start of the game. The Museum can only be built once in the world, meaning that once it is built by one empire it cannot be built by any other empire, and cannot be rebuilt by anyone if the city it was built in is razed.

How do you get Urkan?

Wild Urkans can be tamed by defeating them in battle or bribing them with luxury resources. Once tamed, they can be trained by spending luxury resources, migrated to other unoccupied regions, or turned into an army to move freely and attack.

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What happens to Auriga?

Auriga is a Lost, thing we know thanks to the vaulters quest in Endless Space 2, in which case it may be living (or trapped) inside a mechanical structure inside the planet like the Hearth that gides the Unfallen.

How do you get luxury resources in endless legend?

Luxury Resources are obtained either by constructing Extractors on resource nodes found on the map, or by direct purchase from the Marketplace.

How do I expand Mykara?

Creeping Presence. This trait prevents the Mykara from producing settlers, but allows the Mykara to expand by creating Fungal Blooms on Points of Interest across the map so long as they are in a region that is either neutral or controlled by the Mykara.

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