Question: Where To Find Pearls Nier Automata?

Where do I find Pearl’s in Nier automata?


  • Found at harvest points in the Flooded City.
  • Can also be bought from the Shopkeeper Machine at the Amusement Park for 1,350 G.

Where can I farm pearls in Nier?

Where to Find/Location

  • Reward for completing Resistance Disappearance.
  • Reward for completing The Wandering Couple.
  • Flooded City, Can be found in Harvest points.
  • Can be purchased from the back-alley vendor in the Amusement Park on your third playthrough.

Where are the black pearls in Nier?

Where to Find/Location

  1. Reward for completing Data Analysis Freak 2.
  2. Reward for completing The Twins’ Request.
  3. Flooded City, Can be found in Harvest points.
  4. Using the Scanner in the Flooded City.
  5. Sold by the shop keeper in the Park Ruins during late route C (17-03 confirmed)

Where can I get a dented socket Nier?

Dented sockets can be farmed near the Abandoned Factory: Furnace transporter. The area has two places that have multiple Multi-leg Medium Models climbing on the walls, both accessed from the room with the dumpster of discarded small and medium bipeds.

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Where can I get pure water Nier?

Where To Get Pure Water. Pure Water, unfortunately, only comes from one particular location: The Flooded City.

How do I get to the flooded city?

You can reach the area by going through the section where the big crater in the middle of the City Ruins is located. There will be a large sewer pipe you can travel through that will take you directly to the place where the Flooded City is located.

Where can I buy memory alloy Nier?

Memory Alloy is dropped by the large robot enemies on the B2 level of the Junk Heap. These enemies also drop Titanium Alloy, so it’s a good idea to farm them if you’re short on upgrade materials.

Where can I get a stretched coil Nier?


  1. Common drop from machines.
  2. Can also be bought from Emil’s Shop for 67 G.

How do I use the scanner in Nier automata?

To do this, go to your Skills menu and select the Pod Programs tab. By default, your Pod should have the Laser program equipped (unless you purchased other programs, of course). Select it, and change it to the Scanner program. With your newly equipped program, head out into the open world and hold down the L1 button.

Where can I find gold ore Nier automata?

Where to Find/Location

  1. Desert Zone: Chest near the Oasis for the Photographs side quest.
  2. Reward for completing Popola’s Errand.
  3. Acquire during A Villager’s Request from Anemone.
  4. Sold by the Clown Vendor in the Amusement Park (after completing Route C)
  5. Can be found from items in the Flooded City.
  6. Can be found in Forest Zone.
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What sells Emil?

While Emil’s near the Desert Camp, he will sell you plug-in chips. His prices are a little exorbitant, but he does sell useful stuff like Overclock and Vengeance. Talking to him for the first time will also give you access to the side mission that leads you to the Lunar Tear trophy.

Where can I buy machine arm Nier?

A viable farming spot for Machine Arms may be the Boss Arena adjacent to the Desert Housing area (return to the area after the boss fight to engage in a Colosseum-style battle arena of wave after wave of desert enemies).

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