Question: Who Is The Dancer In The Dismonds & Pearls Video?

Who were the dancers in Prince’s Cream video?

Diamond and Pearl (a.k.a. Lori Wener and Robia LaMorte) became Prince’s backup dancers during Prince’s Diamonds and Pearls era, named for the 1991 album, which featured songs like “Gett Off” and “ Cream.” Both women appeared on the album’s music videos, danced on tour, and are featured on the collection’s holographic

Where does robia Scott live?

Robia lives in Southern California with her husband, James, and their daughter, Gemma. Robia Scott, maiden name LaMorte, was born in Queens, New York and grew up in the Florida Keys.

Who played drums on Diamonds and Pearls?

Drummer Michael Bland took over on drums after Sheila E. left Prince’s band in 1989. Michael B. became a founding member of the New Power Generation and remained with the group until 1996 (although he appeared on Prince’s recordings into the ’00s).

Who were the twins with Prince?

Australian twins Maya and Nandy McClean toured the globe with Prince.

What happened robia Scott?

Since her role ended on Buffy, LaMorte has periodically accepted guest starring roles on various television shows. More recently she has retired from acting, focusing her efforts on other priorities such as Christian counseling, although she occasionally can be seen in commercials and smaller roles.

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Who were the girls in diamonds and pearls?

Dancers Lori Werner (then dancing under the stage name of Lori Elle) and Robia LaMorte, known as “Diamond” and ” Pearl ” respectively, appeared on the holographic cover (re-pressings of the album are non-holographic).

Who is the female singer in diamonds and pearls?

Rosie Gaines is an American singer, songwriter and record producer from Pittsburg, California. Gaines is a former band member of Prince’s group, The New Power Generation. She duetted with singer Prince on the hit song ” Diamonds and Pearls “.

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