Quick Answer: How Do I Get An Online Version Of Adex Pearls Buster?

Is Adex the same as CDCA?

The CDCA is the name of our organization (The Commission on Dental Competency Assessments). ADEX refers to the core Dental and Dental Hygiene exams we administer.

How much does Adex exam cost?

Dental Hygiene (ADEX)

Examination Fees: Dental Hygiene ( ADEX )
Full Exam (Patient-Based, & Computer-Based) $995
PTCE (Partial or Retake) $545
CSCE OSCE (Partial) $450
CSCE OSCE (Retake) $275

Who takes the ADEX exam?

The ADEX Dental Hygiene Examination is designed for students about to complete dental hygiene training and graduate dental hygienists. According to state regulations, in order to be considered an ADEX Dental Hygiene Examination, all parts must be taken in the year 2009 or later.

How much does the CDCA cost?

Dental (ADEX)

Examination Fees: Dental (ADEX)
Full Exam (Manikin (Endo/Pros), Patient-Based, & Computer-Based) $2,295*
Endodontics and/or Prosthodontics (Partial or Retake) $1,125*
Patient-Based Periodontics and/or Restorative (Partial or Retake) $1,080
DSE OSCE (Partial) $990


Which states accept the NERB?

Currently, NERB and the states of Florida, Hawaii, Maryland and Nevada administer the ADEX exams, while CITA, SRTA, WREB and CRDTS administer their own examinations.

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What states accept Adex exam?

ADEX Districts

  • District 2: Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah,
  • District 6: Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia.
  • District 8: Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, U.S. Virgin Islands.

How many questions is Adex OSCE?

The items in the DSE OSCE will include multiple choice (traditional/single response), multiple choice ( multiple response), extended match, drop down, fill in the blank, hot spot, and drag & drop questions. There are 115 questions total on the CSCE OSCE, of which 15 are pilot questions.

How long does it take to get Florida dental license?

How long will it take for my license to be issued? Your license number will be issued within five to seven business days once your licensure application has been approved. Please allow ample time for mail delivery to receive your printed copy.

What is Adex?

AdEx: Decentralized Advertising Platform AdEx (ADX) stands for “advertising exchange.” They’re building a decentralized platform where advertisers and online publishers can meet to negotiate advertising contracts.

Does California take ADEX?

Acceptance of the ADEX Examination: On November 15, 2019, the Dental Board of California (Board) voted to accept the ADEX Examination for the purpose of establishing eligibility for dental licensure in California.


The Dental Board of California (Board) will accept, without any further action necessary, the Western Regional Examining Board ( WREB ) and American Board of Dental Examiners ( ADEX ) manikin-based examinations for dentist licensure in California, in accordance with Business and Professions Code Sections 1632(c)(2)(A) and

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Where is CDCA accepted?

The CDCA has grown to include 44* states, Washington, DC, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and Jamaica. Commission on Dental Competency Assessments.

U.S. State or Other Country Accepts CDCA ADEX Dental Exam Accepts CDCA ADEX Hygiene Exam


How do I sign up for CDCA?

  1. STEP ONE: CREATING YOUR ONLINE PROFILE. To register for a CDCA Exam, click here and start an online profile.

How do I get started in dental hygiene?

Dental hygienists require an associate degree in dental hygiene and state licensure. Those who want to advance in their career should consider a bachelor’s or master’s degree in dental hygiene.

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